Thursday, October 1, 2015

Here's what we are learning in October...

This month during in reading students will continue analyzing character's thoughts, words and actions in books. Using that information, they will be creating lists of character traits to be able to describe characters in depth. Following that, students will continue to work on deeply describing story setting and events.

In math students will be working on rounding multi-digit numbers up to one million.  They will also learn how to add & subtract fluently within one million using the standard algorithm. Towards the end of the month students will learn about multiplication as comparison. Remind your child to practice his/her multiplication facts for 20 mins. every night!

In writing students have been working on writing realistic fiction narratives by developing the main character and creating a story arc. We will be wrapping up our stories and moving into writing an informational and opinion piece.

Social Studies
Our focus in Social Studies is on Geography.  We will study the regions of Maryland and understand some of Maryland's important natural and human-made features.  We will consider how these features impact the lives of people in Maryland.  We will also begin to study some of the Native American societies and consider how they used the natural features around them to meet their needs for food, clothing and shelter.

Our focus in Science is Life Sciences. Students have been learning interactions of organisms (plants and animals) with their environment. We will continue to observe changes in our eco-columns (terrariums and aquariums) as well as, study how a food chain works and how it relates to our eco-columns.  

October Calendar

Be sure to check out our October calendar for important dates and events!